Read! Share! Please don’t transform or sell.

Several people have asked if they can make ebook versions of the notes essays. 

You can, of course, always do this for your own use. But for now at least, please do not distribute to the public. (One guy even tried to sell a version that he made!)

Creative Commons License

All of these notes are wrapped in a creative commons license. 

If we do end up publishing a pdf/ePub/Kindle version, we will likely want to work with a single designer and get things to our liking. 

I’m not trying to stifle innovation with IP. Obviously I want Peter’s ideas and the notes to spread far and wide. And to be clear, I’m not interested in making money from them.

But neither do I want dozens of versions of a book alleging to have been written by myself or Peter Thiel floating around when, in fact, neither of us has seen or approved the particular formatting, editing, etc.

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