Notes Essays—Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup—Stanford, Spring 2012


Update - June 7, 2014: Peter and I have written a book called Zero to Onebased on these notes. It will be released in September, but if you pre-order the book, we’ll send you an advance reader’s copy now—3 months before publication.


Here are my essay versions of my class notes from CS183: Startup. Errors and omissions are my own. Credit for good stuff is Peter’s.

Class 1: The Challenge of the Future

Class 2: Party Like it’s 1999?

Class 3: Value Systems

Class 4: The Last Mover Advantage

Class 5: The Mechanics of Mafia

Class 6: Thiel’s Law

Class 7: Follow The Money

Class 8: The Pitch

Class 9: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Class 10: After Web 2.0

Class 11: Secrets

Class 12: War and Peace

Class 13: You Are Not A Lottery Ticket

Class 14: Seeing Green

Class 15: Back to the Future

Class 16: Decoding Ourselves

Class 17: Deep Thought

Class 18: Founder as Victim, Founder as God

Class 19: Stagnation or Singularity?